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Parental Behavior Policy

Parental Behavior

Kendall SC and Kendall United appreciate the support that all parents provide to their children during their participation with our organization. The role that parents play in the life of a soccer player has a tremendous impact on his/her soccer experience. We would like to make that influence a positive one. Our governing bodies and associations have made it clear that both our players and parents will be monitored for proper on-the-field and sideline behavior. Below are some simple rules that Kendall SC and Kendall United parents need to observe and consider carefully.

  1. For parents that have questions or concerns to share with a coach, discuss them with your respective coach first and then the Program Director and VP of the appropriate age group.

a.       On practice days: Parents will wait until the practice session is over before approaching the coach.

b.      On game days: After the game has ended, the parent should ask the team manager to help set up a meeting time and location with the coach. The meeting should take place no sooner than 24-48 hours after the game.

  • Parents should not shout insults or verbally abuse referees, coaches of either team, opposing team members or parents. Parents should be in control of their emotions at all times, always showing respect and setting a proper example for their own children. Parents that are angry or upset should leave the field until they can get control over their emotions.
  1. Parents will refrain from coaching or shouting instructions from the sidelines. This only causes confusion for the players on the team. So please leave the coaching to the coaches. You have entrusted the care and development of your children to the coaches, so they need to be free to do their job. In order to avoid confrontations with other team parents and maintain team cohesion, parents should also refrain from publicly criticizing the play of other team members.

Parents and players alike will be held responsible for their decisions and actions. If a rule is considered broken by the Directors of Kendall SC, the following sanctions will apply:

  • 1st Offense: Parent is suspended from being at the field during the next two games of the team and the training sessions until that suspension time is completed.
  • 2nd Offense (includes violation of the penalty for the 1st offense): Parent is suspended from attending all games and training sessions for the remainder of the soccer calendar year.
  • 3rd Offense (includes violation of the penalty for the 2nd offense): Both parent and player are expelled from the club.

Your child’s participation in soccer should not the larger than life to you. If the team’s or your child’s performance on the field produces strong emotions in you, suppress them. Remember, your relationship will continue with your children long after their competitive soccer days are over. Please keep your goals and needs separate from your child’s experience.

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